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MidlineChoice is LinkSPINE’s comprehensive suite of less invasive solutions for lumbar fusion procedures, which includes FacetLINK®, CorticaLINK®, and VertebraLINK®. A single kit houses a complete array of screws and devices, offering surgeons unparalled flexibility to apply the least invasive and most appropriate fusion construct, depending upon patient anatomy, pathology, and surgeon preference.

"As a minimally invasive surgeon, I am excited about the ability to perform MIS procedures while remaining in the midline. The ability to target MIS screws with a simple tool that reduces radiation is particularly appealing to me."

JOHn malloy | D.O.

"LinkSPINE provides novel, low profile and robust fixation that may truly minimize damage/disruption of the adjacent facet joints. There are many options with this one system, and it is the only cannulated MIS cortical screw on the market."

Faheem sandhu | m.d.

"The Midline Choice platform offers several "no rod" options, providing a unique solution to patients who are concerned about pedicle screws and rods. TargetLINK is the first system I've seen which allows for MIS screw targeting without significant capital expenditure and OR real estate."

dhruv pateder | m.d.

"I have tracked patient outcomes in my practice with a variety of different techniques, and I am impressed with LinkSPINE's ability to deliver MIS outcomes with less need for radiation, a much shorter learning curve and shorter OR time. The continuum of options allows the surgeon to match the amount of stabilization to the complexity of the patient's problem."

Chris chaput | m.d.

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