The VertebraLINK PLIF/TLIF Fusion Platform is a comprehensive suite of posterior lumbar cages which can be implanted into the prepared disc space when performing an intervertebral body fusion. The platform offers several different shapes and sizes to accommodate varying anatomies, pathologies, surgeon preferences, or techniques
(i.e., TLIF, PLIF, or Oblique PLIF).

Straight and curved cage designs
for PLIF and TLIF

PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced from Invibio
- unique material in spinal device technology

*Study evaluated the bone on-growth of Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA™ Natural and PEEK-OPTIMA™ HA Enhanced in a bone defect model in sheep. Data on file at Invibio.

VertebraLINK Features

Designed to facilitate fusion

  • All implants have 6° of lordosis. Convex-shaped implants for a more secure anatomical fit.
  • Multiple lengths, widths, and heights.
  • Designed for use with autograft to facilitate fusion and is intended for use with supplemental fixation systems cleared for use in the lumbar spine

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